How to make Homemade flavours Chocolates for kids.
It can also be used as gift to someone .
Moderate Dark chocolate compound-1
Soaf candy-2 spoon
Kishmish-2 spoon
Jelly candy-8-10
Different chocolate moulds
1.Roast the almonds and kaju on low flame without adding oil.
2. Crush the chocolate and melt it in microwave for 30 sec.
3. Chop the nuts.
4. Pour some chocolate in the mould and freeze it for 5 mins.
5. Fill all the moulds with the chocolate.
6. Clean its edges with the help of tissue and finger.
7. After freezing the moulds ,add ( kaju, almonds, soaf candy, kishmish, jelly candy).
8. Pour the chocolate in the mould again and clean the surface with the help of fingers And tissues.
9. Freeze it for 30 mins.
10. When the chocolate is freezed and get it into its shape, then transfer it in the plate.
11. Melt the white chocolate and pour it on the chocolate and make a zigzag design.
12. Now yummy chocolate is ready.
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