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Dog gets trolled by a bug

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Lucy, a black labrador puppy, recently came across a bug in her house. Lucy's interaction with the bug is hilarious to watch, as she doesn't quite know what to do. Samantha Warner, who uploaded the video, says Lucy fo...

Worlds Most Patient Cat

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Meteor across the sky

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Meteor across the sky

Sheep teaches young bull head butting

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Now this is a cute moment! A sheep slowly shows a young bull the art of head butting! Sheep Teaches Young Bull How To Headbutt

Awsome Cat

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Ragdoll cat talking to her kitten

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Bengal cat talking to her kitten

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Adorable kitten rolling around

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How cute is this? A tiny kitten rolls around for the first time and just can't get enough of it!

Puppies love bath time

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Have you ever seen any dogs this excited to take a bath before? These two miniature dachshunds just can't hold back!

How to make a bear go to sleep

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Cat defeated by helicopter toy

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A cute cat decides to inspect a helicopter toy and ends up giving himself quite the scare! - Best Of 2013